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Car Buying Tips

December 20th, 2013 | Posted by Calvin in Automobile

The car that you drive defines you; it speaks about your personality. Buying a new car is a huge investment and one should be completely satisfied with the features. After all, you don’t buy a car everyday and your choice remains with you for a long time.

When you want a car, you need to decide whether you want to buy a new car or a pre-owned one. Although buying a new car will prove to be expensive, there are many advantages of buying a new car over a pre-owned car. A new car comes from the showroom, all bright and shiny, with everything brand new and you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the engine. In the case of a pre-owned car, it will be cheaper, but one cannot be sure if the seller is being honest or not. You need to check for the Vehicle Identification Number of the car you are buying, so that you can check it’s not stolen or damaged.

The next step is to make a list of the features you need in your car and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Browse the internet and find the cars which match your choice and budget. Most people look for a car that gives a good mileage and is easy to park. This simple exercise helps to communicate your needs to the salesperson.

Make it a point to test drive each of the shortlisted vehicles so that you can get a feel of the drive and the comfort of the vehicle. You can see the leg space, boot space and the power of the engine.One should never go alone while buying a car. Salesmen are very smart and can coax you into buying a vehicle which is not be very useful to you. Also, they can overcharge you and you won’t realize it.

Before the deal is finalized, you must negotiate with the salesperson to get a good deal. Make sure he gives you free services and accessories for your car. Figure out whether you want a petrol car or a diesel car. Although a petrol car is cheaper than a diesel one, a diesel car requires high maintenance. Those who need to travel long distances may opt for a diesel car.

Managing the finance is an important step in your car purchase. You need to arrange the down payment and make a calculation of the EMI that you can pay every month. If the need be, you can take a car loan to ease the payment process.

If you want to buy a used car, make sure you check its history first. There are plenty of VIN checking services online, like Carfax, AutoCheck… Read this AutoCheck review for more details.

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